We all loved the choose your adventure books as kids, right?  What if I told you, you could choose your own adventure in real life?

Whether you want to wander for a year, uproot for a month, or disappear into activities that feed your interests, you have choices:


Travel the world for one year on a curated itinerary with a community we hand selected based on their backgrounds, experiences, and dopeness quotient.  You'll live like a local in a different city every three months, have access to a coworking space, a swanky furnished apartment, a SIM card or hotspot, and nonstop adventure.


Sometimes, we feel a bit stagnant and just need a change from our day to day routine.  UpRoot for a month and reignite your imagination in places that are sure to inspire with people just as unique as you are. We'll arrange your furnished apartment, hand you a SIM card, give you a great place to work and collaborate, and arrange some awesome experiences. You just get there.  


Maybe you want to see all 50 United States, or you want to cook Moroccan cuisine, or you've been wanting to check out the 7 Wonders of the World.  Stay tuned, we are introducing experiences that cater specifically to your interests and love for travel.