How Did We Afford A Year Abroad

After people express the astonishment and excitement that something like living abroad for a year is even possible, the very next thing we always hear is “how did you afford that?”.

Before we get into it, we want to make sure you realize that the cost of the Wander Year program is pretty comparable to the cost of your monthly living expenses depending on where you live. So really, you’re already affording it.  

When you sign up for the Wander Year program, you’re just trading the cost of your lights, water, gas, rent, wifi, and cable for one payment to someone else to take care of those things on your behalf AND you get vacation every day - BONUS!

Alright, since that light bulb is on, let's talk about how our Wanderists did it! I’ll break down how a few of our Wanderists were able to afford a year abroad:

  • Kim and Khalif convinced their companies to allow them to work remotely and travel.

  • Patricia worked remotely for her employer as well, and they were the ones who offered it to her!

  • Amber had savings but she also rented out her condo and took on some freelance work throughout the year.

  • Karen sold her house and used part of the proceeds to fund her trip.

  • Chanda kept her expenses really low and saved aggressively before take-off. She also started driving for Uber before we left the US to make some extra cash.

  • Melissa launched a business on the trip and worked remotely for clients all over the US.

Can you do some of these? Absolutely!  How? Well, the first place we suggest you start is Can I Afford the Wander Year Experience.  Once you have an idea of the “real cost” of the experience, you’ll likely want to focus on what you can do for work.  We have a great FREE course on becoming location independent and still making money called Design Your Life.  The course outlines how to land a remote job, how to become a freelancer, and how to propose remote work to your current employer.

Check out our detailed blogs about finding remote work - Remote work: What, Where, How? and Answers to your Top 5 Questions About Remote Work

Another place to go is Where I Found More Money for Travel to get into how to start stashing up extra dough for your side trips, souvenirs, and tattoos in each city ;-).  

Good luck! We hope to see you on the next Wander Year.