It's not a vacation, It's a Lifestyle.

A Wanderist Life is designed on your terms.  

It's a lifestyle of discovery, freedom, and meaningful connections.

Wander with us for a year, or uproot for one month. 

In either case, this life is the only one you've got.  You may as well enjoy living it.


exceptional People + incredible Destinations + memorable Experiences


We've scouted the most unforgettable places in the entire world

Wifi is life. We'll make sure you're connected to a lifeline at home and on the go

You're a real grown-up now. You'll have a bedroom of your own.  No Hostel Policy

We plan unique experiences, fun meet-ups, and attend local events

We won't make you work, but if you must, you'll have 24/7 access to a workspace

We'll stay on top of customs and help make sure you can enter/exit legally

We'll organize opportunities to lend a helping hand in local communities

We have a group of exceptional people. Caution, you may end up with life-long friendships

Additional features included based on the type of experience

How much time do you need to change your life?

Will it take a year? Just a month? We've got options.

Wander Year

Travel the world for one year on a curated itinerary with a community we hand selected based on their backgrounds, experiences, and dopeness quotient.  It's a year filled with growth, passion, self-discovery, and freedom.  Our next cycle takes off early 2018!

Themed Experiences

Maybe you want to see all 50 United States, or you want to cook Moroccan cuisine, or you've been wanting to check out the 7 Wonders of the World.  Stay tuned, we are introducing experiences that cater specifically to your interests and love for travel.


Sometimes, we feel a bit stagnant and just need a change of pace.  UpRoot for a month and reignite your imagination in places that are sure to inspire with people just as unique as you are. Here are our upcoming experiences:


Cape town

Mar 29 - Feb 28



Mar 2 - Apr 1

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