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W believe your personal or professional brand aligns with our values of community, discovery, passion, and freedom. 


We organize experiences abroad for 1 month to 1 year for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and people who just want to get away from their day to day routine. 

  • Wander Year - a year abroad in four destinations for three months at the time - Prague, Chiang Mai, Cape Town, Medellin
  • Recess - 3, 6, or 9 month experiences in any one of our four Wander Year locations
  • UpRoot - one month experiences in incredible destinations all over the world

We pretty much take care of everything. Here's what's included (flights are included for the Wander Year experience):

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.27.18 AM.png

OUR STORY - our Founder, Libryia Jones, started Wanderist Life after being denied several opportunities to travel and live abroad with her daughter.  She decided to create the opportunity for herself and open it up to others who thought it wasn't available to them.  Read more about our story.


COME THRU COINS!  Of course the biggest reward is knowing that you introduced someone to an experience that will completely change their life.  But also...coins! 

Commissions for our referral program are based on the experience your referral signs up for.

Experience Commission Discount
Wander Year $1,000 $500
Recess $500 5%
UpRoot 5%-10%* $100

You will receive a referral commission and your referral will receive a discount.

*5% commission on up to 10 referrals per experience, any referrals over 10 will earn 10% commission.  Our UpRoots are generally $2,000 - $3,000 depending on the location. 


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When you sign up for our referral program (by just filling out a form), you will receive your promo code to share with your network, along with the terms to review and sign.


Once you sign up for our referral program, you will receive:

  • Graphics to share on social media
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  • Ability to schedule our Founder or team members for live Q&A or info sessions with your network
  • Monthly reporting of your earnings
  • The opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to improve the program


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