We obviously think we're awesome. We work really hard to be. We also know there are some areas we can improve and we love that our Wanderists give us feedback to help us make things better.  In fact, some of our Wanderists are part of a "brains trust" to help us improve our processes and make things even better for you! 


Melissa WY Cycle 1 - This review is too hard to write, because it's the last day of the year and I'm fighting back emotions. The bonds and experiences you'll have are not easily tamed by words. So listen to Nike "Just Do It".
Tushunda - You guys created a space that allowed us to experience the world in a different way. The fact that I got a chance to travel the world with a group of diverse educated professionals was a blessing. I am forever grateful for that.
Nikki (UpRoot Chiang Mai) - I was excited for the opportunity to spend a month in a new location. While I have traveled extensively in the past, I've never spent a long time in one place. Wanderist life gave me the support I needed to feel comfortable traveling half way around the world by myself. From the snacks in my room upon arrival, to the inside scoop on where to find the best brunch spots, I felt taken care of while still incredibly independent to plan my adventure.
Amber - This has been an incredible year. One of the most important reasons I wanted to travel with a group was to have a built-in community wherever I landed and Wander Year provided that. I bonded with just about everyone in our group in my own special way. This experience brings you friendships that will last you beyond the time you're together. That said, I realize that traveling in a group is not for everyone. People who are interested in this type of experience should do a self-inventory and determine what they want out of the experience. Everything is not going to be like home so manage your expectations accordingly. This experience only works if you understand the value of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Be positive and make this experience your own. It will be over in the blink of an eye.
Chanda - My Wander Year got me to move forward at a time when I was a little bit stuck. This year, I visited Asia and South America for the first time. I made new friends all over the world and enjoyed being part of a community for the journey. It would have been a different trip if I'd done it solo, I'm glad I made the choice to stay with this group. Experience of a lifetime!
Zakiyyah -  I had a great experience with MWY. I participated in the full year and even got to do some side trips along the way. There were naturally some bumpy moments with it being the first year (people dropping out, people having various expectations that were or were not met etc.), but I can say mine were for the most part met. I loved all my apartments (lived in a loft and on a beach for the first time ever--hello somebody!), and I was traveling with the perfect group of people. For me, MWY was not just an opportunity to travel but an opportunity to conquer my fears, grow in ways I couldn't have imagined, and (unbeknownst to be), gain a family that will be with me for a lifetime. I'm not the person I was a year ago. I'm braver, stronger, and smarter, and it is because of the platform that MWY provided that that was even possible. ❤️❤️❤️
El Vaughn -  I joined the program for one month in Cape Town South Africa it was truly one of the best travel experiences that I've ever had. From my accommodations to bonding with the chosen few who completed the "blueprint cycle 1" whom helped to make my time in Cape Town one of the most memorable. Based on MY personal experience, my needs were met and I did not experience anything that detracted from my experience. Could communications with staff have been better sure. However, once again that did not take away from my overall experience. MWY had such a positive impact on me during my time in Cape Town that I ended up visiting them in Colombia. In a perfect world with unlimited vacation leave, I would be in Chiang Mai with MWY for the month of November. As a result, I would definitely recommend MWY for future travelers as it was a dope ass experience that I'll never forget!
Niecka -  I was with MWY as a Hopper in South Africa. Had an amazing, life changing experience despite the bumps in the road. The opportunity to travel with a community and meet the wonderful people I met, was beyond rewarding. I made lifelong connections and even joined them again in Colombia!