Sure, we offer some pretty great experiences all over the world, but that's not WHY we're in business.  We're here to help you design a life you don't have to vacation from.  Soooo...we're launching a FREE Webinar Series to help you do just that. 

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Behind "how do I get a remote job", the question we get asked most often is "how did people afford to travel for a year".

Welp, we're gonna tell ya how to free up more money by focusing on some creative and simple things to secure those coins. 

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If you're trying to grab more clients, freelance platforms can be a great place to do it...IF you can figure out how to wade through the BS job postings and deal with the competition charging pennies for the same type of work (but not the same quality).

We happen to know a few people who have been successful on Upwork, they're going to share their success stories with you.

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We believe the answer to the unasked question is ALWAYS "no".  If you think you can do your job remotely, it's worth it to ask your employer.  Before you do, it's important to be prepared to make your case. 

Learn how to approach the topic, how to get a yes, and even how to push back on a "no".  


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